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Heart & Soul of Clear Spring Ranch

Our Family


The Muscle/Brains/Heart 

Bob has been in the ag industry his entire life. He was born to work with animals and has lived the dream his entire life. In Nebraska, he was involved in the family farm, primarily focusing on row crops, hogs in the beginning, adding in beef cattle in the early 90’s.  Bob has proved that it is never too late to pursue your BIG ideas—after 58 years on the same section of ground in Nebraska, we made the life changing move to Southern Missouri to fulfill his dream of owning and working on his own ranch. His passion is improving the soils and forage here while handling all the animals in a low stress environment.  

Chief Organizer/Elmer’s Glue/Soul

Ann grew up a city girl in Nebraska. In high school, she started to fall in love with the farm life. After a few “learning” years, she got to live her dream when she met her Prince Charming (Bob). Married in 1995, she found herself loving the farm life, but life also dictated that she have a job in town at that time. After several years in town, and with the move to Missouri, Ann has gotten to ‘come home’. She is passionate about her family (especially those Grandkids) the ranch and getting to ‘do life’ with her Prince Charming. Ann keeps up with marketing, the books, and keeping things running smoothly, or at least as smoothly as ranch life dictates. The rest of team refers to Ann as the ‘glue that keeps them together’.

Head Goat Wrangler/Baby Chaser

Kat is the fourth child of Bob & Ann. Kat and her husband did a “Green Acres” sort of thing and left city life behind to come to the ranch to work in 2017. Kat didn’t grow up on the farm but has had a lifelong love of animals. Being surrounded by 400+ goats and 200+ cows on a daily basis sometimes tests that love, but she doesn’t miss the cacophony of the city life. Her husband, Andrew works in town and enjoys helping out as his job allows. The move to Missouri has allowed them to experience life with more time together, as well as blessing them with their first child in March of 2018. 

The Boss. 

JP is the Boss.  He is the son of the Head Goat Wrangler.  His giggles and smiles distract us all and remind us daily that a little time spent playing with him is worth more than any work on any given day. We can’t tell you what a blessing it is to have a grandchild right down the road and get to interact with him daily.

Support Team

We are blessed with 3 other kids, that are back in Nebraska and Iowa. Our oldest, Jason and his wife Kari have 2 children, Karley and Branson and live and work in North Central Nebraska. Jason is a computer guru for John Deere, and Kari works at a local hospital and kids keep them busy with sports and school.

Our second, Amanda and her husband Sean, have 3 kiddos, Ryleigh, Peyton and Evan. Amanda works at a metal component plant and Sean stays busy with farming and substitute teaching. Their second home is the lake or Jack Trice Stadium cheering on the Cyclones.

Our third is Michelle and her husband Brad and their trio of daughters, Hannah, Aydia and Elsie, Michelle is an FFA instructor and Brad is an instructor at the Welding Academy in Northeast Nebraska. Chasing after the girls in dance, church and sports keeps them all busy, but never too busy to sit down and play a board game as a family. 

These 3 are our ‘cheerleaders’ from afar and even though we are separated by a LOT of miles (some days too many) that doesn’t change the fact that we adore them. Let’s just say that these grandparents REALLY appreciate technology, so we can see their faces more often. 

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Burke Teichert

Keeper of the Wisdom & Advice


Burke Teichert is our ranch consultant and partner in our cows. Ranching has been in Burke’s blood from day one, he grew up on a ranch in Wyoming, with sage advice and wisdom coming from two generations ahead of him, he has maintained a life that has revolved around ranching. Burke managed several Deseret Ranches for a number of years and is now a consultant as well as a regular contributor to several publications, including Beef Magazine. Burke and his wife, Georgia live in Utah but his travels to around the country to several ranches, keeping his boots just dirty enough to keep him smiling.